1. The JET PUMP comes in two specific types, the shallow well and deep well jet pump.

  • The SHALLOW WELL JET pump has the jet mechanism installed in or on the pump at the ground surface. This pump will connect to the well borehole with only one suction pipe and has lift capability of no more than 25 feet.


shallow jet pump

Figure 1 Shallow Well Jet Pumpdeep well pumo




 Figure 2 Deep Well Jet Pump

  • The purpose for the DEEP WELL JET pump is they have a water level deeper than 25 feet from the ground surface. This jet pump has two pipes within the borehole, one pipe is for suction and the other is return water to operate the jet unit, which when installed is below the water level. This pump forces water down one pipe, back up through the second pipe, and has lift capability from depths greater than 50 feet.
  1. The CENTRIFUGAL pump is specific for shallow wells because this pump has only one pipe that goes down the well borehole with only enough suction to effectively lift water no more than 25 feet.


                                                                        Centrifugal Pump

  1. The SUBMERSIBLE pump is the most popular well pump and can be used in both shallow and deep wells. These pumps are capable of pumping large volumes of water from deep wells with a power range from 1/3 to over 7.5 horsepower.

 submersible pump,

                                                                          Submersible Pump