house-saveBefore purchasing a home you should require proof that your water well is of sufficient supply. If you are borrowing money from an institute such as a bank, sometimes they will require a test be completed. However, if you are purchasing on private contract seek assistance from a licensed water well drilling company before the closing of the sale. If a new water system or the upgrade of an existing system is necessary, through appropriate testing, part of the purchase price should be held in escrow to cover the expense.

The owner of a residential property with their own private water well systems should supply you (the purchaser) with information about the following:

  • Well Location and type of construction
  • Types of materials used in the construction including the pipes leading to the house
  • Age of the system and pump
  • Location of septic systems and its relation to the well
  • Is the water supply being softened and by what process
  • Is the present method of water adequate for your needs